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Are You Having These Problems?

Back Ache!

Stiff Neck!

Buy Monfly® Pillow & Mattress

Our Monfly® pillow and mattress solve your sleeping problem right away!

Our Products

Legend 5 (750 x 750)

Monfly® ONE Mattress

ONE layer premium mattress with excellent back support.

Monfly® Oracle Pillow

NEW 3-dimensional therapeutic  pillow.

Monfly® Legend Pillow

3-dimensional therapeutic pillow.

About Monfly®

Our Monfly® One Layer Mattress and 3-D therapeutic pillow are cutting-edge technology from Japan providing effective solution to sleeping disorders

Monfly® Has:

  • Good air flow
  • Good body pressure distribution
  • Not sensitive to temperature changes
  • No sinking effect

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Welcome to the new world of Prosssima® and Monfly®


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We Create

The best urethane foam to help you solve your sleeping problems.

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Our Commitment

To use the best quality foam to produce our products which is truly good value for money.

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