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Are You Having These Problems?

Back Ache!

Stiff Neck!

Buy Monfly® Pillow & Mattress

Our Monfly® pillow and mattress solve your sleeping problem right away!

Our Products

Legend 5 (750 x 750)

Monfly® ONE

Simple one layer mattress with endless configuration.


Monfly® Oracle

NEW breathtaking 3-dimensional design pillow.


Monfly® Legend

Breathtaking 3-dimensional design pillow.

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Welcome to the new world of Prosssima® and Monfly®

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We Create

The best urethane foam to help you solve your sleeping problems.

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Our Commitment

To use the best quality foam to produce our mattress and pillow which is truly good value for money.

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About Monfly®

Our Monfly® One Layer Mattress and 3-D therapeutic pillow will revolutionize the bedding and pillow industry by introducing a cutting-edge technology with simple designs and configurations and yet providing effective solution to sleeping disorders

We cultivate the idea of simplicity and transparency in all our product design and configuration.

No cheap materials are being used and no sales gimmic whatsoever.

Monfly® Has:

  • Good air flow
  • Good body pressure distribution
  • Not sensitive to temperature changes
  • No sinking effect

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