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New Generation Foam


New Generation Foam


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What set us apart from other mattress is we only produce mattress using ONE single layer of prossima® foam instead of the usual MULTI layer of mattress offered by others. Why? Because, only prossima® foam has the attribute to produce mattress with good air flow, excellent body pressure distribution, no sinking effect and not temperature sensitive. We Are Here To Offer You A Simple And Yet Effective Ways To Solve Your Sleeping Problem. If For Some Reasons, You Are Doubtful About Our Products, You Can Choose To Start With Our Pillow First..

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Good Air Flow, Sleep Cool

Prossima® foam is blessed with high content of opened cell, you will sleep well whole night long and wake up not feeling sweaty, tired and uneasy. You Are Ready To Go.

Excellent Body Support

Prossima® foam exhibit excellent body pressure distribution. Not only that, it is able to provide evenly distributed pressure spread under high pressure compression.


Easy Roll Over, No Sinking

Prossima® foam provide excellent body support without the most dreaded sinking effect of memory foam. This will enable you to roll and toss around on Prossima made bed.

Not Temperature Sensitive

Prossima® foam is not sensitive to temperature changes. The hardness is maintained at its original state over a wide temperature spectrum. The end result is complete comfort!